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Executioners & Assistants

Skinners, potion peddlers and bone-setters

Schwind(t) – Surgeons, Knackers, Executioners, Physicians   Mathias Schwindt (1727-1793) is known to have labored both as a surgeon and as a knacker (German: Abdecker). He was the son of Nicholas Schwindt and Magdalena Klein of Septfontaines, Luxembourg. Nicolai/Nicholas Schwindt is referred to in Latin as carneficis ex valle viridi septemfontana (executioner from the valley […]


Painter & Illustrator

A Chicago native artist explores his Luxembourg roots.

PETER SCHWIND (1838-1910)


Tracking Luxembourgers in the United States of America: Peter Schwind (1838-1910)



This article describes the celebrated ‘dancing procession’ of Echternach in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which traditionally takes place annually on Whit-Tuesday, the 52nd day after Easter.

Nineteenth Century Emigration

Jetzt ist die Zeit und Stunde da. Wir Ziehen nach Amerika!

The time and hour has come. We move to America!

Industrious Luxembourgers

This article is the second installment in a series about Luxembourgers in the United States of America. The first installment titled Famous Luxembourgers was published in the Luxembourg American Gazette, Vol. 5, Number 1 (Winter 2010).

Luxembourg – New York – Luxembourg


Many in the United States of America and in Luxembourg recall the times when Iceland’s airline Loftleidir offered daily connections between Luxembourg and destinations in the USA. The transatlantic connection has over a half-century history.

Luxembourgers in the United States of America

Part 1: Famous Luxembourgers

Many immigrants from Luxembourg contributed to the fabric of the United States of America. Discover a few of the immigrants and their descendants.

HUGO GERNSBACK (1884-1967)

Inventor - Father of Science Fiction

Tracking Luxembourgers in the United States of America: Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967)